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Born January 26, 1960. Yet to be discovered as a writer, but still hopeful. Currently paying the bills delivering weekly newspapers and building web sites. Future novels in the works include, Beyond the Call of Duty, Book II: Winter Solstice, Freddy’s Blog, It’s Only a Dream (The Novel), Imagine That, Book III: Nature’s Way, The Calculator, Book IV: The Return, Time, and Soul Survivor.


JuCLuCee - 1999   Got It
As Fate Would Have It - 2002   Got It
Book I: The Master Plan - 2005   Got It

Itís Only a Dream - 2007   Got It

-Short Stories-
Satanís Tooth - 2006   Got It
Billy - 2007   Got It
Cloud Nine - 2007   Got It
The Ear - 2007   Got It

November 26, 2020

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As Fate Would Have It

The Master Plan

Itís Only a Dream

Satanís Tooth


Cloud Nine

The Ear

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