Chapter Twenty-Five

"So you still up for the game Friday night?"

Billy and Jerry were sitting in their orange maintenance truck on the side of Interstate 94 waiting to see if the rain was going to let up for the afternoon or not. The weather forecast had called for light rain, no thunder and lightning, but so far the light rain had still been too heavy to work in.

"Yeah," Jerry said. "But I donít think weíre going to surprise her."

"What did you do?" Billy asked. "You fuckiní chicken out aní ask her for permission?"

"I donít need no fuckiní permission," Jerry said. "But I saw her talkiní to someone on the Internet yesterday when I got home early. Looked like she was meeting someone on Monday. I didnít see much, just a couple lines when she was in the kitchen. I didnít want her to see that I saw."

"Really!" Billy raised his eyebrows. "So who was the dude? Could you tell?"

"I couldnít tell, but I donít think it was a dude," Jerry told him. "They donít use their real names on that damn computer, but it looked like some flowery bullshit name like Ďforget-me-notí or something, Ďcept spelled weird." Jerry shifted in his seat, stared out the windshield at the rain. "I might have been wrong about her," he said. "Sheís been real good to me ever since last weekend. I mean, all of a sudden like, itís as if we never fought. Sheís beiní real nice."

"Uh-oh," Billy said shaking his head. "That ainít good. Man, thatís a dead give away that somethiní is goiní on. Sheís feeliní guilty, man. Donít you see it?"

"I donít think so. I think she just wants things to be like they were when we got married," Billy said in Carlyís defense. "I donít think she could cheat and still look me in the eye. She just ainít built that way."

"Why the hell do you think sheís meetiní with someone Monday, you idiot? If itís a woman, she needs someone to talk about it with. If itís a man, Ďcause you said yourself, you donít know, then I donít need to tell you why theyíre meetiní," Billy chided. "Just answer me this, man. Did she tell you about this meetiní?"

Jerry shook his head.

"And how many other meetinís you think sheís had while youíre at work all day that she never told you about?" Billy continued. "I mean, I ainít sayiní she done it for sure. Maybe youíre right. Maybe. Only she knows that right now. But if you suspected before, you were probably right. And if you are thinkiní now you were wrong to suspect because Ďall of a sudden likeí sheís beiní nice, then it sounds to me like sheís gettiní done what she wanted to get done. Fooliní your dumb ass. You followiní me?"

"Fuck you, man," Jerry said, fighting back the urge to hit something. "Yes, I follow you. But you donít know her like I do." But silently, he wondered if he himself knew her like he thought he did. Maybe she was more capable of lying to him than he gave her credit for. Why was she meeting someone on Monday? And why hadnít she mentioned it to him? And most importantly, why was she all of a sudden being so loving after such a long dry spell?

Jerry picked up the walkie-talkie sitting on the seat between them and pressed the talk button. "Hey, Jack. You gonna make us sit out here all day or you gonna call it!"

Billy snickered hearing the anger in Jerryís voice. "Whatís the matter there, pal?" he said. "Got someplace you need to go?"

"Shut the fuck up," Jerry snapped. "I heard enough of you. Just you bring a lot of money Friday night Ďcause Iím gonna take you for every penny you got."

The walkie-talkie crackled back finally, "Reel it in, guys. No more work today. Check in at the office for weekend make-up schedules."

"síbout fuckiní time," Jerry said as he threw the truck in gear and peeled out too fast, fish-tailing slightly and showering the truck behind him with loose gravel.

* * * * *

Chris and Carly sat silently sipping their hot chocolates, reflecting on their new conclusions. The idea that the Priest character in Chrisí dream was real seemed to change everything. But as much as each of them was trying to think of a way to discredit this concept before speaking again, neither was able to do so.

Finally Carly broke the silence. "Do you think Heís dangerous?"

"No," Chris replied quietly, still deep in thought. "He isnít the one killing these people I see. I think Heís more like a mediator or something." He looked up at Carly. "But I think He knows exactly whatís going on."

"But who is He?"

"The one whom I deny," Chris replied.

"God?" Carly suggested.

Chris laughed a beat or two. "No," he said with a smile. "Not God. God wouldnít be torturing people like this. I do deny Godís existence, or at least I always have. Iím not sure I can deny Him now as strongly as I used to, but even so, this isnít God. Iím sure of that."

"Do you think He will tell you who He is if you ask?" Carly asked.

"I already asked Him once and He answered me with a damn riddle," Chris said. "I just know that somehow this guy, this thing, can get into my head." Chris was thinking out loud now. "The others donít see Him, donít hear Him, so it is my head He is in. The others are going to die with or without my knowledge. So it is me he is trying to torture. He knew a tornado was going to kill Benjamin, so as much as I want to deny the possibility, He must be able to see the future."

"Maybe not," Carly interrupted. "What if He just knows they are going to die but not how it is going to happen? Does He still have to be able to see the future to know that?"

"Thatís still seeing the future," Chris pointed out, "knowing that they are going to die. I guess if He knows that, it really doesnít matter whether or not he knows how."

"Maybe itís not telling the future though," Carly said. "You know how a dog will sometimes go sit in front of a door ten minutes before his master comes home? Maybe itís like that. A kind of ESP thing. He senses death in certain people. He may not know how they are going to die because He canít see the future. But He just knows that their time is coming."

"The Grim Reaper," Chris said leaning forward on his knees, speaking to the floor. "Another one I deny exists."

"Geez," Carly quietly exclaimed. "You think?"

"Shit, I donít know," Chris said, throwing his hands in the air and leaning back on the couch. "Itís obviously someone that I donít believe in so I guess now I gotta believe in everything. This really sucks."

"Okay, letís start over," Carly said, seeing his frustration starting to cloud his mind. She knew they had to remain level-headed as well as open-minded if they were going to figure anything out at all. "What do we know?" she asked. And answering herself, she continued, "We know the people you see are real. We know that so far they have all died. We know that the Priest is real and that He knows the people are going to die."

"Wait a minute there," Chris interrupted this time. "We donít know that He knows they are going to die. All we know is that so far they all have died. As far as we know, He only thinks they are going to die. If he canít see the future, and I really donít believe that is possible because you canít see what hasnít happened yet, then maybe itís just that odds are that they are going to die. It might not mean they have to." Chris looked up and felt his first real pang of hope in a long time.

"Benjamin," Chris continued to explain, "didnít necessarily have to die in the tornado. If I could have talked his father into taking Benjamin away, right then and there after we spoke on the phone, then he could have lived. He didnít have to die, but maybe the odds just weren't in his favor."

"So are you thinking you should tell Kimberly to go away for a week or two?" Carly asked.

"No," Chris said. "I already thought of that. What if she did and then got hit by a truck on the highway while fleeing in a panic for her life? Then I would have killed her by telling her to go. Thereís no way of knowing how they might die. But if I can be there when it is supposed to happen, maybe I can prevent something from happening."

"If you had been with Benjamin," Carly pointed out, "then you would only have died with him instead of saving him."

"I know, I know," Chris admitted. "But thereís not going to be a tornado here. I think we need to tell Kimberly now. I think we need to move up the time that we all get together. I think I need you to help me convince her that she needs to be watched. She needs to be ready, and I need to be ready. I want her to be with me starting very soon, maybe even before she starts to fade in my dream, now that I think about it, until this is over. It may be the only chance sheís got."

"How about Friday night," Carly offered. "Jerry always goes out with his buddies. You can bring her over to my place. You already told her about me, right?"

"Yeah. I told her. She knows I want us all to meet. She doesnít know why yet." Chris was silent a moment. Then added, "And it might be better to be in a private place than a public place when we break all this to her. No telling how she will react."

"I agree," Carly nodded. "Let me know if she will do it. Iíll need to confirm that Jerryís doing his normal Friday night thing, whatever that is. Weíll plan on my place around eight after I get the kids to bed. Jerryís usually not home until midnight or so. Weíd have until eleven for sure. And if he comes home early, so what, weíll just explain what weíre doing. Of course," she laughed a little to herself thinking of explaining all this to Jerry, "heíd probably try to have us all committed after we told him. Me at any rate, after you left."

"I like the idea of meeting at your place," Chris confirmed. "If you are sure itís okay."

"Iíll find out and let you know," Carly said. "You just try to get Kimberly to come."

"I donít want to go to sleep again," Chris said. "I donít know if I can face this Priest again now knowing He is real. But I have to go. I have to watch for Kimberlyís fading. I wish I knew who the hell He was."

"And why you?" Carly asked. "Why did He pick you to torture?"

Chris didnít know the whole answer to that, but he did know part of it. "Because of my accident," he told her. "It started after my accident. Iím being punished or something for causing Sherryís death."

"You didnít cause her death, Chris. The bungee cord company did," she reminded him. "And they paid quite a hefty amount for it, too. I donít buy the punishment angle."

"Well," Chris sighed, "Iím fresh out of reasons. But I know it has something to do with the accident. How could it not?"

Carly looked at the time. Almost one oíclock and she still had a lot to do before Jerry was due home. She looked at Chrisí tired, sad eyes and felt so helpless. She wanted so desperately to make things better for her friend. It seemed the more they learned, the more they didnít know. She hoped, for Chrisí sake even more than Kimberlyís sake, that they could manage to delay Kimberlyís destiny with death, at least this time around. She didnít want to think about the effect Kimberlyís death would have on Chrisí sanity if they failed.

"I should probably get going," Carly finally said reluctantly. "Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah. Iíll be fine," Chris assured her. "Itís Kimberly I am worried about. The idea that the Priest actually exists is very disturbing and kinda tears apart my entire belief system, but I donít think He is any threat to me directly. Just scary." He smiled weakly, "You want a ride down the street again?"

"Yeah," she said. "I better get going. But I donít really feel like Iíve been much help."

"Youíve been a godsend, Carly," he chuckled at his choice of words and saw her smile at the irony, too. A different time and a different place, he thought again looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Damn my luck. One married, the other about to die. "Iíd be even more lost than I am without your friendship through this. Iíd be going certifiably insane without you to talk to. I really canít thank you enough, Carly," he said as they stood.

She took his hand, pulled him close, gave him his second quick kiss on the cheek. "We might not be able to save her, Chris," she said. "But if anyone can, itíd be you. I do believe that." She gave him a smile and, keeping his hand in hers, headed towards the door.

* * * * *

Chapter Twenty-Six


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