As Fate Would Have It

As Fate Would Have It

First Printing Attributes:
Published by Outskirts Publishing in 2021
Publisher’s Price: $37.95
Binding: HB
Dust Jacket: yes
ISBN: 978-1-9772-3960-0
Stated: First Edition
# Printed: 163

BrooksBooks Library Edition:
Edition: Signed Limited Edition #1
Signed: by me
Condition: As New
Value: $40.00

Additional Information:
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Synopsis: The story is about a man, Chris, who accidentally outlives his own fate and how his life is unraveled as Fate tries to make his life a living nightmare for cheating him out of a destined soul. Fate is filling Chris’ dreams of dying people each night, people who are destined to die before long for a variety of reasons. Some are ready to die and move on, others are not. Chris meets Carly, a woman who is having her own struggles with her marriage, and they confide in each other and become friends. Later, Chris meets in real life one of the people of his nightmares that Fate is sending him on a daily basis and can see no reason for her impending death and, with the help of his friend Carly, sets out to deny Fate of another soul.

April 16, 2024

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