Chapter Eleven

LorettaC: you been online all day?!
F8meNot: only since we last talked, but I am on a lot
LorettaC: I put you on my buddy list…do you mind?
F8meNOT: not at all…why would I mind?
LorettaC: you know, in case you wanted your privacy
F8meNOT: ahhh, nice of you to consider that but I
put you on my list too---figured one couldn’t hurt
LorettaC: one?! Is that all you got on your list?
F8meNOT: and my parents out in Seattle…guess that
makes two then
LorettaC: I feel honored…you a private kinda guy?
F8meNOT: I do pretty much keep to myself
LorettaC: did ya miss me?
F8meNOT: you were the highlight of my afternoon
LorettaC: flattery will get you everywhere, you know
LorettaC: damn…gotta run again…see ya ;)

* * * * *

LorettaC: tell me you at least took a break tonight!
F8meNOT: well good evening to you too
LorettaC: you ARE online a lot
F8meNOT: passes the time
LorettaC: am I interrupting?
F8meNOT: no, not at all, a pleasant distraction
LorettaC: so I’m a distraction, eh? you sure know how
to make a gal feel wanted…shheeesh
F8meNOT: okay, bad word, how’s "break from routine?"
LorettaC: does the word "pleasant" still remain?
F8meNOT: still remains…so Rocky is out late tonight?
I’ve noticed you tend to run when he’s around.
Does he not approve of your computer usage?
LorettaC: he’s sleeping…I couldn’t
F8meNOT: insomnia?
LorettaC: of a sort, I suppose…sleep has been
losing its appeal to me lately
F8meNOT: same here, though I tend to doubt
for the same reasons
LorettaC: so what’s your reason?
F8meNOT: maybe another time
LorettaC: yeah you’re right, that’s a tough one
to come out of the gate with…here’s an easier one…how old
are you, Chris?
F8meNOT: how’d you know my name?!
LorettaC: your profile…DUH!
F8meNOT: oh yeah…forgot…29, you?
LorettaC: 24 going on 30…how long have you

* * * * *

LorettaC: Hi Chris! Sorry I bailed on you mid sentence
last night…forgive me?
F8meNOT: hi…no problem, had to get ready for
work anyway, I work nights…I take it Rocky stirred?
LorettaC: yeah…came down to see why I wasn’t in
bed "where I belonged"
F8meNOT: and you said…
LorettaC: couldn’t sleep
F8meNOT: the truth usually is the best policy
LorettaC: but that was really only half the truth…
the rest was that I was hoping to find you online to talk to
some more…hee…but I couldn’t tell him that
F8meNOT: why not? innocent enough
LorettaC: he wouldn’t understand
F8meNOT: that you talk to people?
LorettaC: that I talk to a man
F8meNOT: does he use the Internet, too?
LorettaC: no
F8meNOT: then if he sees you talking to me,
just tell him I’m a woman…can’t tell from the screen name
and I’ve met a few women named Chris, too, for that matter
LorettaC: yes, I could do that…if need be…but
would just as soon rather not have to explain …I’m a terrible liar
F8meNOT: is he the jealous type?
LorettaC: he hasn’t ever had the opportunity or
need to be, but I have a feeling it is best I don’t find out
F8meNOT: he has a temper, eh?
LorettaC: like you said, maybe another time…
I don’t want to waste my time spouse-bashing right now.
I do that with most of my other Internet buddies…getting boring
F8meNOT: okay, so what do you want to do
with this Internet buddy?
LorettaC: something different…something better…
something new…something WILD!
F8meNOT: lucky me
LorettaC: oh I’m sorry, I’m intruding aren’t I?
F8meNOT: no, not at all, what did you have in mind…
like I said I could use the break from routine…you have my curiosity
now anyway
LorettaC: I don’t know…no idea at all really. I just have a…
feeling, I guess…sounds silly…what I really want is just a good friend,
someone to know me, someone that isn’t half way across the planet
that I can relate with
LorettaC: someone I can know…you seem like a nice, intelligent sort…
am I wrong? you’re not some closet weirdo or anything are you?
F8meNOT: well I suppose that depends on who you ask
LorettaC: hee…good answer…hey, you got a pic?
F8meNOT: pic?
LorettaC: picture…online to send me
F8meNOT: ah no not that advanced over here yet
LorettaC: want to see mine?
F8meNOT: okay…how?
LorettaC: I’ll send you an attachment with an email, just click on the
download in the mail when you get it and there you be…or there I be,
as the case may be…hee
F8meNOT: I think I can handle that
LorettaC: give me a sec
LorettaC: okay…sent
F8meNOT: got it
F8meNOT: downloading…
LorettaC: WAIT! I changed my mind! You might not like it! Send it back…
hit CANCEL!!!!!
F8meNOT: hehee…too late
LorettaC: don’t laugh
F8meNOT: why would I laugh…you are very pretty
LorettaC: you are a good liar
F8meNOT: not at all, you have a nice smile, gorgeous hair, sensitive eyes, cute nose
LorettaC: nose ain’t so cute anymore
LorettaC: you sound like a romantic…
F8meNOT: of the closet type…not much to be romantic about
for a while
LorettaC: you and me both, kiddo
LorettaC: I could sure use a little romancing in my life
LorettaC: Rocky is about as romantic as a horse’s ass
F8meNOT: my life is about as romantic as a John Carpenter horror flick
LorettaC: hey, I got an idea…maybe we could…
F8meNOT: could what
LorettaC: nah, never mind…stupid…you’ll think I’m the weirdo
F8meNOT: spill it…I won’t laugh…I promise
LorettaC: well, you know I am married…and I have two wonderful kids…
but there’s no romance in my life…
F8meNOT: I have a policy of not messing around with married women,
if that’s where you’re going with this
LorettaC: Nonono! I’m not ready to throw away my marriage yet,
Rocky is doing a fine job of that on his own…but, I don’t know…
maybe we could kinda, you know, practice together
F8meNOT: practice?
LorettaC: just online, of course…I mean, we don’t need to meet
f2f or anything…never mind, I told you it was stupid forget I mentioned it…
F8meNOT: hee…yeah, kinda stupid…and kinda funny…and looking
at your picture, not at all hard to imagine
LorettaC: did you just slip a romantic compliment in there?
F8meNOT: who me? I wouldn’t know how…but if I did, I sure
wouldn’t have any trouble running my fingers through that long
luscious hair of yours and staring into those sexy eyes as I kissed
those soft, wet, hungry lips…
LorettaC: WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!
LorettaC: oh you are good….hee! perfect! god how I miss those
corny lines!!
LorettaC: Chris?
F8meNOT: yes?
LorettaC: my name is Carly. I am very pleased to meet you. I would
like to get to know you
F8meNOT: the pleasure is all mine, Carly
LorettaC: Chris?
F8meNOT: yes, Carly?
LorettaC: Thank You.

* * * * *

Chapter Twelve


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